Limestone landscaping may be one of the few stone construction materials that can check every box and be used in many areas of your property.

Below are six unique and beautiful ways you can incorporate limestone into your next landscaping project in New Orleans.

Building Pathways via Limestone Landscaping

Rather than paving with concrete or asphalt, you can use crushed limestone as a driveway alternative. Limestone looks more aesthetically pleasing than standard gravel, is cheaper than asphalt, and is less permanent than concrete. All while maintaining the hardiness that keeps it viable for years. Crushed limestone is also very resistant to weather and general wear and tear, causing water to pass through it to prevent flooding.

This can be helpful if you have a long driveway or need to extend your existing driveway. Allowing more space for a larger garage, storage space for a RV, or more parking on your property. Similarly, to driveways, limestone is an excellent choice for a walking path around your property. Whether you just need a utility path or want something that looks nicer. It’s cheaper and simpler to lay a path of crushed limestone than to fully pave a path.

Limestone Landscaping Helps with Water Drainage

Crushed limestone allows water to pass through it with ease which makes it ideal for use in places like New Orleans where rain can be frequent and heavy. Using crushed limestone as a drainage enhancer can also protect your home from erosion or water damage, too.

Covering Tough Areas of Yard

Every yard has those trouble spots where grass or plants simply won’t grow. Whether it’s lack of sunlight, bad soil, or too little water, these areas can sink the look of the entire yard.

One use of crushed limestone landscaping material is to spread it over these spots to remove the eyesore. Creating a usable, pleasing-looking part of your yard. Plus, with the inclusion of a landscaping fabric, the stone can keep weeds from sprouting up in the area.

Enriching Flowerbeds with Limestone Landscaping

It’s not often known, but limestone actually contains magnesium phosphate and calcium carbonate which, when added to a yard, can help reduce the acidity of soil.

This helps promote strong plant growth and gives you the ability to control the PH levels of your yard to maintain perfect growing conditions throughout the year by adding or removing the limestone.

Patios and Outdoor Spaces

New Orleans residents are graced with beautiful weather for the majority of the year. This means you have the ability to make more use of your outdoor areas than most people.

That’s why creating outdoor living spaces (patios, fire pits, water features, outdoor kitchens, lounges, gardens, etc.) is such a popular option in the region. And limestone is generally a natural option for these outdoor spots because of its aesthetically pleasing, natural look and overall hardiness that can withstand everything Louisiana can throw at it.

Limestone Landscaping & Aesthetic Accents

Because of its uniqueness and natural look, many homeowners are choosing to use limestone as an accent material. Adding it to flower beds, yards, and gardens to draw the eye and add a bit of flair to spaces that need it.

Limestone is a very hardy, versatile, and beautiful stone that can elevate almost any outdoor space from outdoor kitchens to hardscaping. It contains unique surprises and is a stone that can provide so much to your home.

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