Every year, popular New Orleans landscaping trends rewrite themselves. With trends changing constantly, staying up to date on the latest best practices can be taxing.

However, new information gives way to enhancing strategies in the world of home and garden décor. From native plant life to water features and outdoor spaces, here are the big three to keep in mind in 2023.

Native Plant Life and Natural Landscapes Take New Orleans Landscaping Trends by Storm

Each year, Louisiana experiences a slew of intense weather, including storms, rainfall, high winds, flooding, and major heat. Over time, this impacts local landscaping, particularly plant life. As far as New Orleans landscaping trends are concerned, many homeowners now take advantage of native plants. Because they originate locally, Louisiana-based plants tend to fair better against the sometimes-harsh elements.

Additionally, native plants typically require less maintenance. In fact, there is also a noticeable trend among New Orleans homeowners: natural landscaping. By allowing natural plants to take over the environment, it fosters a natural landscape.

Water Features Stand Out Among New Orleans Landscaping Trends

As mentioned, New Orleans faces no shortage of water. Depending on the time of year, rainfall comes abundantly. Oftentimes, this presents a pain point for landscapers, who deal with flooding and standing water. Now, water features lead the way among New Orleans landscaping trends.

For some, water features take the form of fancy fountains and dedicated fishponds. However, other homeowners simply carve out a space for water accumulation. This fashions great, natural-looking ponds. With the right materials and planning, homeowners incorporate natural rocks, sand, gravel, and limestone to create a manicured (but still natural) water feature.

Outdoor Activity Spaces Allow New Orleans Residents to Do More with Less

In recent years, local homeowners prioritized outdoor activity space among New Orleans landscaping trends. Rather than dedicating the entire outdoor area to grass and plants, many homeowners instead build sitting gardens, firepits, dining spaces, outdoor kitchens, food gardens, and outdoor spas.

These new activity areas offer space for hosting friends and family. Similar to water features, creating the environment with stones and rock walkways makes for a more accessible yard. To find the right landscaping materials for your home, explore the catalog at Bella Sand and Rocks of New Orleans.