For homeowners, it is usually important that their outdoor spaces match those coveted ‘Florida feels.’ But how is this done in landscaping? Here are four ways you can add some of that Sunshine State flair into your landscaping.

Craft Your Own Outdoor Living Spaces

Embrace the Florida feels by creating outdoor living spaces. Make dinners outside, host parties on your patio, or create lounging areas so you can relax outdoors.

The exciting part of creating these outdoor areas is that they can really be anything. Outdoor kitchens, reading nooks, firepits, hammock hideaways, or just simple seating areas for lounging. With the right landscaping materials and your vision, you can build spaces that allow you to see your yard as an extension of your home.

Nothing Provides the Florida Feels Like Native Plants

There’s nothing more Florida than palm trees, ferns, and the other tropical plants that you can only find in places like the sunshine state. Using these native, tropical plants in your yard or garden instantly gives you the paradisical feel that people love.

Additionally, native plants are typically cheaper, hardier, easier to maintain, and an more eco-friendly option.

Accentuate the Home Exterior with Water Features

Whether it’s a poolside waterfall, relaxing garden pond, or something more creative, water is abundant in Florida so building it into your next landscaping project can help give your yard a more natural, ‘Florida feel.’

Plus, with so much rainfall in the summer months, you can actually capture that rainwater or use your water features to control flooding.

Create Hardscapes to Capture the Florida Feels

If you want less maintenance, going with more hardscapes around your yard might be an option. White half walls, concrete paths, patios, and other non-plant decor creates a costal modern feeling and mitigates maintenance tasks associated with plant beds. Plus, with the right, complementary landscaping materials like lava rock, limestone, or sand, you can complete the Florida look.

To get the ‘Florida feels,’ you can often look at the state itself for inspiration. So, in your landscaping, look for ways to take advantage of Florida’s naturally gorgeous weather with outdoor spaces, or the state’s unique environment with a rain-capitalizing water feature or native plants like Florida’s signature palm tree.

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