Property owners preparing commercial landscaping budgets concentrate heavily on long-term return on investment. Among those considerations, the old mantra, “time is money” often comes into place. In general, outdoor spaces require plenty of routine maintenance to ensure long-term cleanliness and presentation.

Therefore, choosing appropriate landscaping materials goes a long way in cost mitigation. In our line of work, the specialists at Bella Sand and Rocks of New Orleans find lava rocks to play a pivotal role in the Louisiana market. Here are some key ways that lava rocks lead businesses to big savings in the realm of landscaping.

Lava Rocks Offer a Long Lifespan

Unlike wooden mulch, dirt, or sand, lava rocks do not erode. Thus, lava rocks hold onto their effectiveness, despite the weather conditions. In Louisiana, hurricanes grow increasingly commonplace (not to mention consistent rainfall), making this a must-have component for the local market.

That said, lava rocks help to mitigate commercial landscaping budgets. Alternatively, property owners would spend additional funds each year, replacing their materials.

Less Maintenance and Plantscaping Reduces Commercial Landscaping Budgets

Unlike lava rocks, other landscaping materials, such as mulch or dirt, requires consistent maintenance to get the most out of its utility. First, mulch blows away. Second, sand or dirt face the challenge of grime buildup. Meanwhile, lava rocks’ hardy composition make them friendly towards commercial landscaping budgets.

Furthermore, some property owners create under-rock barriers. These structures prevent harmful weeds growth. Additionally, they also keep pests like snakes and spiders away because their sharper features make it difficult for these creatures to navigate them.

Protect Commercial Landscaping Budgets with Bella Sand and Rocks of New Orleans

Overall, lava rocks promote plant health, remove pests, and offer easy maintenance. Additionally, their durable nature entails a long lifespan and far less replacement.

For the budget-conscious property owner, this makes lava rocks a natural ally. For helping reducing commercial landscaping budgets, explore Bella Sand and Rocks of New Orleans exotic lava rock collection!