With the start of the new year, comes a new batch of 2023 Florida landscaping trends. Throughout the great state of Florida, homeowners hold plenty of versatile options when developing their property’s curb appeal.

In 2023, rain gardens, flowerscapes, and native plants take center stage among landscaping projects. Here’s how to make the most of each of them.

Dive into 2023 Florida Landscaping Trends with Rain Gardens

Starting off our list of 2023 Florida landscaping trends, rain gardens allow homeowners plenty of routes for creative exterior design. As Floridians know, it can rain every day throughout the summer months. One way to take advantage of the weather is by creating a creating a beautiful rain garden.

For the unacquainted, rain gardens incorporate rain-focused features into landscape décor. For instance, come homeowners choose to dispel puddles into runoffs, permanent ponds, or rain-activated waterfalls. While this may appear daunting at first, homeowners also often build natural bird baths and similar simple water-based features. Overall, these tactics help plant life to thrive regardless of weather conditions. Additionally, they add up to a tranquil, beautiful outdoor space.

Using Flowerscapes to Add a Pop of Color in Your Yard

Flowerscapes also see themselves well-placed among 2023 Florida landscaping trends. As many Floridians know, the state tends to feature beautiful weather year-round. With that in mind, the state calls itself home to a wide variety of colorful florals.

For homeowners looking to start small, flowerscapes offer a seamless entry-level landscape route. Essentially, flowerscapes simply entail relying on floral life to drive the home’s exterior design. To further accent your flower life, select appropriate materials to fuel growth, including mulch and lava rocks. With lava rocks, they also help to ward off weeds, store water, and demotivate local pests.

Choosing More Native Plants for Your Florida Home

Comparable to flower life, the sunshine state houses an abundance of native plants, making them a wonderful addition among 2023 Florida landscaping trends. Many landscapers and designers choose to grow native fauna.

Holistically, native plants fair better within Florida’s hot, humid summer months (not to mention its occasional major storm). Furthermore, Florida’s famous sunshine and plentiful rain makes it a prime place to try exciting new strategies with your landscaping.

Incorporate 2023 Florida Landscaping Trends with Bella Sand and Rocks

In 2023, landscapers or property owners continually find new ways to innovate their local environment. With rain gardens, flowerscapes, and native plants, homeowners face a plethora of natural solutions for their landscaping projects.

However, the team at Bella Sand and Rocks of Tampa finds that each of these tactics benefits from nutrient-rich materials, designed to set homeowners up for long-term success. To incorporate 2023 Florida landscaping trends into your home’s exterior, explore the full Bella Sand and Rocks catalog!