Bella Sand and Rocks of New Orleans implements a seamless process for ordering landscaping materials online. Like every eCommerce platform, our team makes the process easy, simple, and convenient for customers.

In general, contractors and homeowners save countless hours by browsing globally imported landscaping materials without leaving home. Our team handles order intake, delivery planning and execution, and everything in between. Our process is simple and not unlike other online shopping experiences. To help you understand how it all works, we’ve boiled it down to four simple steps:

Ordering Landscaping Materials Online

Like any eCommerce platform, customers first peruse our extensive catalog of landscaping products. Prior to ordering landscaping materials online, customers determine the type of material they need.

Next, they sort by size, color, and quantity. For those unsure of where to start, explore our landscaping blog for tips and best practices on New Orleans landscaping.

Response, Planning, and Material Delivery

After ordering landscaping materials online, our team takes over the coordination. During the response and planning phase, we process the paperwork, order supplies for shipment, and establish a timeframe.

Typically, our team contacts the client to discuss these details. While doing so, we simultaneously confirm that the order and delivery timeline works for the customer.

Support After Ordering Landscaping Materials Online

Even after ordering landscaping materials online, Bella Sand and Rocks follows up with aftercare support. First, our team wants to ensure that the order meets expectations. In addition,  we are fully prepared to handle any additional inquiries and to help with project advice.

In conclusion, the process should run smoothly from beginning to end. To find the perfect landscaping materials for your next project, view the full online catalog at Bella Sand and Rocks of New Orleans.