New Orleans landscaping must embrace the signature red lava rock as it has become a staple of American landscaping. Its bold colors, unique textures, and ability to elevate landscaping is unmatched. 

But many homeowners are unaware of its true value to your yard. Lava rocks come with a lot of benefits that most don’t know about.

1. Lava Rocks are Lightweight

Lava rocks, due to being born from cooling lava, are full of holes and porous in nature. This makes them a shockingly lightweight stone mulch.

This benefits your yard because they do not sink into soil or compress what’s underneath.

2. Better Water Drainage for New Orleans Landscaping

Their porous nature, as mentioned above, allows water to drain easier after heavy rains or watering's. Therefore, letting that water reach the soil underneath.

This helps plants grow, reduces the chances of light flooding, and is better for the environment.

3. Lava Rocks Are Hardy and Require Little Maintenance

Despite their light weight and porous composition, lava rocks are very durable. Perfect for varying weather conditions that commonly affect New Orleans landscaping.

It doesn’t disintegrate or decompose like wooden mulches, either, meaning you can replace it less often

4. Lava Rocks Can Help Suppress Weeds

If paired with a simple fabric weed barrier, lava rocks can help keep harmful weeds out of your flower beds by making it tough to grow through. So, this lets you avoid using hazardous chemicals and promotes plant growth by removing unwanted pest plants for your New Orleans landscaping .

5. Lava Rocks A Colorful Addition To New Orleans Landscaping

It’s very obvious, but one of the biggest benefits of using lava rocks is its vibrant color and unique texture. Almost no other mulch can provide the look and feel that lava rocks can. Additionally, if you want something more toned down, lava rocks come in dimmer colors like reddish brown, gray, and black. All in all, perfect for a vivid New Orleans landscaping.

Using lava rocks in your garden, plant beds, or other landscaping projects can help you in a lot of ways from weed resistance to better drainage, all while being easy to maintain, durable, and providing a pop of vibrance.

To find the perfect lava rocks for your landscaping project, explore the Bella Sand and Rocks of New Orleans collection!