Caramel Rock ⅜ - Wholesale

$130.70 Per Ton


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Introducing Caramel Wisconsin Rock 1 ½", a distinctive landscaping rock that brings warmth and character to your outdoor spaces. Available by the ton, this unique caramel-colored rock is the perfect choice for adding a touch of rustic charm to your garden, pathways, and various landscaping projects.

Caramel Wisconsin Rock 1 ½" showcases a rich and inviting caramel hue, providing a natural and earthy aesthetic that complements a range of design styles. Whether used for creating borders, accentuating plant beds, or enhancing walkways, this rock brings a warm and welcoming vibe to your outdoor environment.

Beyond its visual appeal, Caramel Wisconsin Rock is prized for its durability and ease of maintenance. Resistant to weathering and erosion, it ensures a long-lasting and resilient solution for your landscaping needs. The 1 ½" size allows for versatile applications, enabling creative and personalized designs that suit your unique preferences.

Transform your outdoor space with the inviting charm of Caramel Wisconsin Rock 1 ½". Order by the ton and infuse your landscaping projects with the natural beauty and warmth of this premium rock, creating a cozy and picturesque atmosphere that lasts for years to come.