School landscaping should be created with materials that beautify and endure. There are many factors to consider, this can include the typical factors like budget and style. They also have to think about safety and the possibilities that come when children are around these materials.

School Landscaping Shouldn't Be Rocket Science

There are endless landscaping materials, trying to weigh all the variables of each can feel like homework. Thankfully, lava rocks tend to be a great choice for these kinds of education facilities across the board. They have the characteristics needed to help schools in more ways than one.

Lava Rocks Need Less Maintenance

Unlike mulch, sand, or compost, lava rocks require less maintenance. They’re heavy enough to stay put in the flowerbeds or footpaths (or other places) where you choose to use them. With high foot traffic, this can be ideal for school landscaping.

In tandem with a fabric weed barrier, lava rock also makes for great weed resistance. With less weed pulling, less tidying up, and less decay, lava rocks are virtually mess-free. This is ideal for school landscaping as it requires significantly less routine maintenance to maintain their look.

Lava Rocks Last Longer Than Other School Landscaping Materials

Schools and education institutions with limited budgets need a landscaping solution that is able to stand the test of time.

Lava rocks are durable and provide many of the same landscaping benefits as other lightweight options. Mulches have to be replaced every couple of months. Lava rocks last for years, and do not lose their vivid color.

Lava Rocks Are Lightweight

Lastly, alongside the other benefits, lava rocks are one of the most lightweight rocks for landscaping. For schools, this is a benefit because it means a stone that cannot be as easily tossed to do damage to buildings or other students.

Lava rocks bring many benefits for school landscaping over traditional mulches or sands. From the obvious plusses such as easy maintenance and long-lasting effectiveness to its light weight being safer for children, lava rocks are a great choice.

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