In the game of landscape management, property owners constantly seek out new ways to lower maintenance costs. Bella Sand and Rocks of Tampa works with property managers and developers on their game plan, while simultaneously providing the right materials for the job.

As a matter of fact, our line of imported rocks and garden materials help property owners to decrease labors costs while simultaneously avoiding property damage. Thus, property managers have new ways to be smart about their landscaping strategy.

Choose Lightweight, Durable, Low-Maintenance Landscaping Materials

First, property managers must use the right landscaping materials for landscape management. As a lightweight material, lava rock requires less work on their transportation front, thus limiting labor costs. Similarly, its easy-to-implement nature shortens an otherwise lengthy landscaping job.

Additionally, as a durable material, lava rocks require a lower replacement frequency. Plus, our materials do not require dye, meaning far less maintenance than cheap alternatives.

Considering all of these factors when designing new landscaping projects helps keep labor costs down strictly because these kinds of materials require less of everything. The same can be said of plant choices: choose plants that require less pruning, can withstand harsh environments, and which will last longer.

Automate Key Maintenance Tasks Pertaining to Landscape Management

Heading into 2023, landscape management adapted to automation, just as many other industries did. Task automation shores up hours over the span of a year.

For instance, where companies previously relied on day laborers for irrigation, sprinkler systems now do much of the work for them. Property managers are finding ways to automate other functions, such as mowing, too.

Prevent Damage with Effective Landscape Management

Effective landscape management limits property damage and repair costs. As an example, some materials, such as lava rocks, reduce flooding compared to traditional mulch. Just an important in the Tampa market, certain landscaping materials reduce hurricane damage while protecting surrounding plant life.

On the Gulf Coast, storms grow in frequency and extremity. However, proper planning and implementation into your landscaping helps to mitigate damage.

Lower Property Costs with Bella Sand and Rocks of Tampa

Coming off an extreme hurricane season, many homeowners in Florida are in are rebuilding phase. During the planning process, certain landscaping materials promote greater long-term property health than others.

For help with landscape management, explore the collection at Bella Sand and Rocks of Tampa.