In the New Orleans area, many homeowners debate the merits of lava rocks vs. mulch. As two of landscaping’s most popular materials, both come with their benefits.

Nowadays, red lava rocks assert themselves as a staple of modern landscaping. In fact, red lava rocks contain a very unique look, feel, and sound. Furthermore, they help yards and home exteriors to stand out while promoting natural greenery.

Benefits of Lava Rocks vs. Mulch

First and foremost, the lava rocks vs. mulch debate starts with colors. In general, lava rocks provide a unique pop of color to the home exterior. Notably, lava rock’s red color originates from actual volcanic eruptions, which oxidize iron in the stone. Secondly, lava rocks are fairly lightweight compared to stone mulch. This ensures an easier transportation process.

Aside from their genetic makeup, lava rocks function as an organic weed suppressant. With so many rocks displayed around an area, weeds face an uphill battle breaking through the surface and gaining the sunlight they need. Along that same vein, lava rocks offer a long-lasting approach to landscaping.

Compared to mulch, lava rocks don’t break down as quickly. For homeowners, this means more bang for your buck and a lower replacement frequency. Over time, properties accrue major landscape renovation savings, (money often reallocated to other yard projects).

Drawbacks of Lava Rocks vs. Mulch

Despite the positive attributes of lava rocks, the lava rocks vs. mulch debate does offer some points towards the mulch category. For example, lava rocks are not dangerous on their own. However, their lightweight nature means that high-wind speeds fling them about. In turn, this holds the possibility of causing property damage.

Additionally, lava rocks make life tough for some plants. Although they accentuate a garden’s color, lava rocks’ weed prevention ability sometimes carries on to “good plants”. Thus, homeowners and landscapers must take care with their placement.

Choose the Right Materials for Your New Orleans Landscaping Project

Overall, the biggest differences between lava rocks and mulch comes down to their looks. Some homeowners prefer the vibrant red lava rocks over toned down browns of wooden mulch.

However, the biggest benefit for homeowners is definitively lava rock’s long-term appeal. Lava rocks last longer, can withstand more, and don’t need to be replaced nearly as often as wooden mulch.

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