Throughout the landscaping world, homeowners typically introduce lava rock decor to the garden arena. Because of the sharp contrasting features of lava rocks, they perfectly complement garden florals and greenery. However, lava rocks contain so much more potential as a decorative instrument.

Due to their natural nature, stones and rocks are great for building authentic-looking landscapes that look straight out of nature while maintaining a clean, structured look. Also, the variety of rocks and stones available means you have plenty of options from tropical to desert to woodsy to modern. From water features to pathways, Bella Sand and Rocks of New Orleans assists homeowners with plenty of creative solutions involving our exotic materials.

Build Pond Decorations and Waterscapes That Stand Out

In New Orleans, some homeowners build waterscapes, featuring lava rock decor. Ponds, river-like landscaping, lakes, waterfalls, and all other kinds of water features are always made better with the usage of rocks and stones.

Almost every kind of rock can be used in a water feature piece, including river stones, river gravel, beach pebbles, slate chips, and much more. The sheer variety of available rocks and stones gives homeowners a huge amount of creative freedom. That said, homeowners gain the opportunity to build unique water features that stand out or blend in with the nature around them.

Creating Pathways and Common Areas Out of Lava Rock Decor

Whether it's carving through a wooded or marsh-like area or just helping you get around your yard, a pathway made with stones and rocks is a time-tested classic piece of landscaping. With lava rock decor, homeowners create stone pathways around their property’s exterior.

These stone walkways provide structure, functionality, and a gorgeous yard aesthetic. Similar to waterscapes, incorporating a variety of rock styles and colors further adds to the impression.

Add Lava Rock Decor to Your Rock Garden Menagerie

Not all gardens need to be green, lush, and full of plants. Rocks are beautiful in their own way. When done right, they can be the focal point of their own garden. The best part is, these rock gardens are easier to maintain (requiring no watering, less routine maintenance, etc.) without sacrificing looks.

Through different types, sizes, and color palettes, lava rock decor immediately enhances the home rock garden. This helps property owners to further build their very own Zen space.

Reimagine Your Home with Bella Sand and Rocks of New Orleans

Rocks and stones feature many uses in a yard. While homeowners traditionally install them to accent plant life, lava rock decor offers a stunning aesthetic of its own.

From rock gardens to waterscapes to common areas, Bella Sand and Rocks of New Orleans features the exotic materials needed to create the landscape of your dreams. To get started on your next project, explore our online store!