River Sand Bagged

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Description: Our river sand is dark grey premium quality, clean pumped sand. There is no rock, clay or weeds. Contains high nutrients and minerals for planting sod or  leveling yards where grass currently grows. Gathered from river banks, this sand consists of fine rounded grains that are available due to erosion from water's current.

Uses: Universally used for a complete range of residential and construction purposes. Leveling yards and low spots. Base for sod aka grass. 

Estimated Coverage Chart: Varies By Rock Size
01 Bag - Covers about 2.5 sqft at 2-3 inches thick
10 Bags - Covers about 20-30 sqft at 2-3 inches thick
20 Bags - Covers about 40-50 sqft at 2-3 inches thick
30 Bags - Covers about 60-70 sqft at 2-3 inches thick
40 Bags - Covers about 80-90 sqft at 2-3 inches thick
50 Bags - Covers about 100-110 sqft at 2-3 inches thick