Fill Sand Bagged

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Great For Flood Barriers during Storms! 

Description: Fill sand consists of fine sand granulars that vary in size but are generally pretty consistent. There is usually no rock, but not guaranteed. 

Uses: Unlike river sand this does not contain a lot of nutrients and minerals for planting sod or leveling yards where grass currently grows. This is typically used for backfilling or a base material. Not recommended for finish work. 

Estimated Coverage Chart: 
01 Bag - Covers about 2.5 sqft at 2-3 inches thick
10 Bags - Covers about 20-30 sqft at 2-3 inches thick
20 Bags - Covers about 40-50 sqft at 2-3 inches thick
30 Bags - Covers about 60-70 sqft at 2-3 inches thick
40 Bags - Covers about 80-90 sqft at 2-3 inches thick
50 Bags - Covers about 100-110 sqft at 2-3 inches thick