Two common types of rock are Grey Limestone and Washed River Gravel. You can tell which is which simply by color. Now you know the two most common types, next thing to know is size.

The three most common sizes are: Small - #89, Medium - #57, Large - #5. Keep reading and I'll outline common uses below.

Grey Limestone

- #89 Grey Limestone - gardens, walkways, driveways, courtyards

- #57 Grey Limestone - driveways, roads, parking lots

- #5 Grey Limestone - construction roads, heavy parking lots

- #610 Grey Limestone - road base, driveway base

Washed River Gravel 

- #89 Washed River Gravel (Pea Gravel) - gardens, walkways, courtyards

- #57 Washed River Gravel - driveways, roads, parking lots

Exotic Rocks and Recycled

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