Great question! Okay so once you place an order we get the notification, and if the order is placed during regular business hours we typically call you in 15 minutes or less to verify the order with you, setup scheduling and thank you for your business. If you order after business hours we follow up first thing the following morning. (We literally get orders all hours of the night so don't worry, you aren't gonna wake anyone up if you are doing some late night shopping)

Note; While checking out on the website there is a place to add delivery notes. You can let us know whatever you feel we should know about getting your order to you. For example; dump on driveway, would like it in the back yard, dump between road and sidewalk. Would like it delivered early Friday, call ahead to meet at job site. 

Once we speak with you, and get you scheduled in you can expect a few follow up calls until the day of your scheduled delivery. We like talking to our customers and keeping them in the loop just to show we care and make sure you get what you need smoothly. 

On the day of your scheduled delivery, we typically call just to touch base from the office unless you confirm with us the day before. You can also expect a call from our drivers before your order is loaded just to give you a heads up and let you know they are about to be in route. 

Timeframes vary but we do our best to get your order delivered when you need it.