When undertaking Florida landscaping projects, homeowners and developers alike seek to increase the property value. As a matter of fact, major landscaping projects raise a home's value by 15-30%.

Moreover, updating outdoor areas offers a surefire avenue to realize that increase. To help ideate and imagine the possibilities, here are three projects that impact a property’s appraisal.

Construct a Swimming Pool and Surrounding Aesthetics

While some may consider swimming pools to be a real estate faux pas, they actually boost a home’s financial consideration. In particular, this is especially true among Florida landscaping projects, a state known for its year-round humidity and warm climate.

Notably, studies show that a pool improves a property's value by a minimum of 7%. But, it’s not just about the new swimming hole. It is also about the surrounding area. Adding lounging areas, beautiful plantscapes, outdoor kitchens, hardscapes, pathways, and stairs further elevate the value of a swimming pool.

Prioritize Outdoor Living Spaces Among Florida Landscaping Projects

Outdoor living spaces rank highly among Florida landscaping projects. Again, with typically beautiful weather throughout the year, outdoor areas offer great entertainment centers. In general, these include firepits, lounge areas, kitchens, and patios.

The ROI of a patio or outdoor kitchen space rises as high as 80%, bumping the home value by around 10%. Not only that, but while living in the home, it drastically increases the amount of livable and usable space.

Grow and Manicure Plantscapes and Gardens for Additional Greenery

Finally, homeowners cap off their Florida landscaping projects with greenery, flowers, and other plant life. Landscaping your plant beds, gardens, and areas surrounding your home can have varying increases in value depending on the scope and quality of the project.

But, typically, a well-landscaped home raises home values anywhere from 5-12% depending on many factors, like mentioned above. Any project that allows people to make more use of their yard is one that will increase the home’s value. Things like pathways, stairs, or simple sitting and recreation areas make it easier to use outdoor spaces, turning a yard into a private park!

Find the Right Materials for Florida Landscaping Projects

The right outdoor landscaping innovation can raise your home’s value by more than 10% and bring on major returns on your investment. But it all starts with finding the right materials.

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