In 2022, Florida hurricanes once again dominated global headlines with the destructive force of Hurricane Ian. Its widespread damage spread throughout Florida and its neighbors, like Cuba and South Carolina. As a matter of fact, Hurricane Ian quickly became the most catastrophic natural disaster to hit Florida since before the year 2000.

More so, the state of Florida experienced eight major hurricanes since 2000 (category 3 or higher). For homeowners, hurricanes find themselves more of the norm than the exception. Thus, homeowners take it upon themselves to make informed decisions on how to protect both their property and its surrounding environment. From high speeds to heavy rains, creating better landscaping resistance for Florida residents often comes down to integrating the proper mulch, sand, and soil ingredients.

Understanding the Impact of Florida Hurricanes on Landscaping

First, homeowners should understand that most Florida Hurricanes contain enough strength to easily disrupt landscaping. For areas frequently affected by hurricanes, choosing optimal landscaping materials comes down to how a storm impacts the materials in question.

For example, hurricane wind speeds effortlessly toss small rocks and gravel around. Therefore, this creates the potential for additional home damage. For homeowners set on protecting both their home and its surrounding yard landscaping, they typically need to take additional steps.

To start, planting salt-tolerant native plants. Oftentimes, these plants withstand salt water that is sprayed inland by hurricanes. Second, embed wind-resistant trees. With strategic placement, these trees cut down fears over disrupting power lines and the home.

Aside from those options, homeowners need to perform regular maintenance. By clearing storm drain paths, water seamlessly filters away from the proper, cutting down flood possibilities. Furthermore, consistently prune any and all trees and plants. With this step, homeowners eliminate opportunities for weaker branches to snap during a storm.

Implementing Quality Landscaping Ingredients to Mitigate the Impact of Florida Hurricanes

Despite taking the aforementioned precautions to scale back the impact of Florida hurricanes, the right landscaping ingredients make a large difference. Generally, soft mulch in addition to high-quality sand and soil helps to mitigate hurricane destruction.

Lower the Destruction Possibilities with Soft Mulch Layers

At first glance, rocks and gravel appear to be study options. Here’s the issue: when a home finds itself in the path of Florida hurricanes, the tumultuous wind speeds send them flying. Because of their sturdiness, the debris holds greater destructive potential to the actual property.

Bella Sand and Rocks of Tampa features a wide array of soft mulch options. With pine bark, red shredded, and shredded Cypress products, homeowners still see debris carried by high winds. However, mulch statistically minimizes property dents and scratches via its lighter material.

Absorb Water with Compact Landscaping Sand and Soil

Similar to mulch, Bella Sand and Rocks of Tampa features high-quality sand and soil products. Overall, sand and soil resists being blown away by Florida hurricanes. Holistically, sand and soil tend to absorb more water. With their compact nature, this heavy-wind resistance makes sand and soil sound hurricane-proof landscaping materials.

In terms of flooding, strong precipitation still washes away sand and soil to a degree. That said, opting for better ingredients helps to lower the net effect on landscaping and property damage.

Minimize the Impact of Florida Hurricanes with Bella Sand and Rocks of Tampa

With Florida experiencing an increasing number of major hurricanes over the past 22 years, homeowners have to take the necessary precautions to preserve their property. While complete hurricane damage is unavoidable, dedicating time to the proper landscaping care goes a long way in lowering destructive capabilities. With the right mulch, sand, and soil, homeowners can begin to achieve greater resistance.

In addition, planting protective greenery and setting up a consistent maintenance schedule helps to lower the overall impact. To better resist the effect of Florida hurricanes on your landscaping, order online from the specialists at Bella Sand and Rock of Tampa.