Black Obsidian 1 ½" - Wholesale

$76.90 Per Ton


Call: 708-384-2910 (landline)

Introducing Colorado Black Obsidian 1 ½", a distinctive and captivating landscaping rock that adds a touch of mystique and elegance to your outdoor spaces. Available in convenient ton quantities, this unique obsidian rock is a versatile choice for various landscaping applications.

Colorado Black Obsidian 1 ½" boasts a deep, lustrous black color that effortlessly complements a range of design styles, from modern to traditional. Its smooth, polished appearance lends a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic to garden pathways, flower beds, and other landscaping features, creating a striking contrast against greenery or vibrant blooms.

Not just a visual marvel, Colorado Black Obsidian is prized for its natural durability and low-maintenance characteristics. With resistance to weathering and erosion, this rock ensures longevity and enduring beauty in your outdoor environment. The 1 ½" size provides flexibility in design, allowing for creative and customized installations that suit your landscaping vision.

Elevate your outdoor space with the enigmatic allure of Colorado Black Obsidian 1 ½". Order by the ton and transform your garden, walkways, or focal points into captivating works of art with this premium landscaping rock.