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Lava Rock


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Description: Rock sizes average 1 - 2.5 inch size pieces of beautiful lava rocks imported from Australia. Lava rock is a specialty product that weighs less than half of other landscaping aggregates. Less weight means more coverage per ton. You can expect to get almost three times more coverage with lava rock over other decorative rock. The reason lava rock is so much lighter is its natural porosity.

Lava rock insulates the ground from heat and cold. Studies show that lava rock is more effective in retaining moisture and reducing evaporation of moisture in topsoil, than wood mulch products. It keeps moisture in the ground but will not rot, decay or be subject to color fade like other wood mulches. Lava rock is a permanent mulch replacement.    

Uses: Mainly used for specialty landscaping but has many other uses.

  • Around trees and shrubs

  • Under decks

  • Bordering a pool area

  • In rock gardens

  • In tree wells

  • As an accent mulch

  • Between stepping stones

  • In plant containers

  • Rich in natural color with an earthy texture

  • Will never fade or degrade

  • Serves as a natural insulation in heat or cold

  • Conserves moisture in soil

  • Reduces watering

  • Won’t blow or wash away

  • Protects trees and shrubs from mowers

  • Keeps weeds under control

  • Cleans easily with a rake or power blower

  • One-third the weight of other landscaping aggregates

  • Easy to manage and install


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