River Sand Price and Delivery

If you are interested in purchasing river sand and need to know about how pricing and delivery typically works you've come to the right place. In this article I'll do my best to outline and explain everything you need to know to better help you feel more confident about your purchase. 

First off, let's start where river sand comes. Most commonly for the Greater New Orleans area and Northshore area river sand is pumped ot the Mississippi River onto the bank and situated in stock piles. Different companies located along the banks, then resell the materials to local suppliers and trucking companies. 

Pumped river sand is the best quality because it is clean of debris and weeds. Also it is full of nutrients and minerals that promote growth, but can also work as a sold base because it packs very well. 

Delivery can range from many different option due to the varies types of trucks available to haul materials. You can usual find options in 4yards, 8yards, 10yards, 12yards and 16yards would be the most common. Tractor trailer loads can go up to as high as 24-26yards.

Pricing can range anywhere from $9 -$24 dollars per yard. Delivery charges, depending on the size of the truck and the distance can range anywhere from $90-$350 per load on average. 

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