New Orleans homeownership represents a pivotal milestone in life, particularly for first-time buyers. For those transitioning from renting to owning, there are few things more exciting than finally having a private outdoor space.

At the same time, the possibilities may seem daunting. From the landscaping suppliers at Bella Sand and Rocks of New Orleans, here are four helpful tips to get started.

Embark on New Orleans Homeownership by “Getting a Lay of the Land”

In New Orleans homeownership (or homeownership anywhere else for that matter) start by understanding the surrounding environment. Examine the elements of the yard, including trees, hills, rocks, and open spaces.

In addition, look for potential hazards that could benefit from being reshaped. On the other hand, identify areas with “project potential” as well.

Form a Landscaping Project Plan

Going right along, buyers should form a landscaping project plan when embarking into New Orleans homeownership. Through the years, our team has spoken with countless homeowners striving to improve their properties.

With so many dreams in mind, it is important to slow down and make a plan. Prioritize space with heavy activity while concentrating on the yard’s aesthetic.

Water Plants with Care

Water goes a long way in promoting plant health. For the health of your plants, it is easy to want to make sure they have enough water, but some New Orleans homeowners water a little too frequently.

Along that same vein, express care when fertilizing the lawn. Overfertilization can lead to an abundance of chemicals in the yard space.

New Orleans Homeownership Means Using the Right Landscaping Materials

The right landscaping materials can make all the difference in your projects. Mulch, stones, lava rocks, sand, dirt each provide unique benefits.

Between planning projects, surveying your yard, and choosing what you want to do next, being a new homeowner with so many landscaping opportunities can be extremely exciting. Just remember, stay calm, analyze your options, and take it one step at a time. For help with your New Orleans homeownership goals, explore the collection of globally sourced landscaping products at Bella Sand and Rocks!